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Online and Mobile Banking

Elevate Your Banking Experience

Banking and your accounts at your fingertips.

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Online & Mobile Banking



Download our Mobile Banking App today by clicking the button below or go to your app store. It's FREE and will keep your accounts at your fingertips with all the "must have" tools to manage your money. Remember, to use the Mobile App you first need to be signed up for Online Banking. Call or text us today and we will get your connected. (435) 723.3437
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Pay People and Bills

Bill Pay

Save time and money by paying all your bills from one convenient location. You can set up one time or recurring payments, letting you manage your money on a schedule that works for you.

Mobile Banking App
Bill Pay Is...

Alexa Compatible

Paying your bills could just be a matter of saying the words “Alexa, start iPay QuickPay” out loud. Download the Amazon Pay skill for Alexa to get started.

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Why Use Bill Pay?

Transfer Options

We make it easy to move your money around.

External Transfers


Use Bank2Bank to make one-time or recurring transfers from other places (such as another bank account) to your Elevate checking or savings. You can also set up these transfers to go straight to your Elevate loan balance!

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Internal Transfers

Move Money Within Elevate

You can move money between Elevate accounts and pay Elevate loans online. Use Online Banking to transfer funds or set up recurring transfers (like moving money to pay a loan) by asking us to set up Auto Transfer for you.

Electronic Transfers

Wire Transfer

A Wire Transfer can be initiated from any Elevate branch or by calling the Credit Union. To send a wire, please obtain the proper writing instructions from the receiving financial institution.

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Alerts & Notifications

Stay connected to your account and know what your money is doing. You can sign up for alerts and notifications using the Mobile App or with your computer by logging into Online Banking.



Go Paperless

Faster, Safer, Greener

How To Sign Up For Online Statements


You can give us a call and we are happy to switch you over to paperless statements, or you can go into your Online Banking and follow these steps:

  • Log into Online or Mobile Banking
  • Click "Menu"
  • Click "Settings"
  • Click "Edit Email"
  • Add your email or click on your email
  • Turn "Statements" on

Mobile Deposit

Depositing checks has never been easier. No extra trips, just deposit your checks with your mobile device.

Mobile Deposit

Save Yourself The Trip

  • Open our app and tap Deposit
  • Read the deposit instructions
  • Take a picture of the front and back of your check
  • Enter check amount
  • Verify the information and submit
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Quick Tips

Tips For Success

  • Endorse your check correctly like this: “For mobile deposit to account #_______.”
  • Your signature under #1.
  • Use a flat, dark surface in a well-lit area when taking a picture of your check.
  • Confirm that the entered check amount matches the amount on the check.
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Mobile Deposit


If you don't see your question here, text us at (435) 723.3437. We are happy to help!

Why does the image of my check keep getting denied? Make sure you have laid your check on a flat, dark surface in a well-lit area. Make sure your check isn't blurry or have any edges cut off. If you continue to have problems, give us a call at (435) 723.3437.
Can I deposit foreign checks with Mobile Deposit? No. Unfortunately, we cannot accept foreign checks through Mobile Deposit.
Should I keep my check after I use Mobile Deposit? Keep your deposited check until it clears in your account. After it clears, you can shred it.
Should I sign my checks a certain ways for Mobile Deposit? Yes. Sign your checks like this:
  • For Mobile Deposit to account _________
  • Your signature
Is there a limit to how much I can use Mobile Deposit? There is a daily limit of 5 checks and $4,000.
If I use Mobile Deposit, when will my money be available? On the following business day (M-F) by 10:30am, excluding holidays.
How do I use Mobile Deposit? Before you get started, make sure you have signed up for Online Banking and downloaded the Mobile Banking app.
  1. Endorse your check like this: Line 1: “For mobile deposit to account # __________” Line 2: Your Signature
  2. Open the app and go to "Deposit"
  3. Lay the check on a flat, solid, dark surface in a well-lit area and snap a picture with your phone
  4. Follow the upload instructions
  5. Choose which account to deposit the check into
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