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Checking Accounts

Make Daily
Spending Better

A checking account is your constant companion. It should fit your lifestyle like a snug backpack.

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Advantage Checking

Discounts, rewards, ID theft aid, and roadside assistance. $3.95 a month.

Simply Checking

Completely free.

Why Elevate?

Mobile Deposit And Online Bill Pay.

Manage your checking account through a variety of online tools. Snap a picture of a check to get it into your account and pay bills without ever licking another envelope.

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More Fee-Free ATMs Than The Big Banks.

Get cash when you need it with a CO-OP ATM network that’s 30,000 strong.


A Powerful Debit Card.

A free debit card with remote card controls. We can print it for you instantly at any branch. Once you’ve got it, feel extra safe knowing you can review all your transactions, turn your card off and on, and set up custom alerts with online and mobile banking.

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Rewards And Discounts.

Advantage Checking comes with access to BaZing rewards. You’ll get special local and online deals, health savings, travel savings, and more.

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Open Your Checking Today


Give us a call or visit any of our Elevate Branches and speak with an Account Specialist to open your Elevate Checking Account today. If you have questions, text us at (435) 723.3437.
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Advantage Checking Simply Checking
No per check charge
Online & mobile banking
Free eStatements
Free debit cards
Funds insured by the NCUA
Local business discounts
Cell phone protection
Identity theft protection
Roadside assistance
$10,000 travel accidental death coverage
Pharmacy, vision and hearing savings
Checking Accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your question here, text us at (435) 734.3437. We are happy to help!
Are debit cards free with my checking account? Your first debit card is free with your checking account. If you need a new card due to fraud, a name change, or expiration, the new card is free. Replacement cards for other reasons are $5.
What does roadside assistance cover? Roadside assistance covers:
  • Towing
  • Battery service
  • Flat tire assistance
  • Fuel
  • Oil, fluid, and water delivery service
  • Lock-out assistance
  • Collision assistance
  • Extrication assistance
How much does Advantage Checking Cost It is only $3.95 each month.
How does Accidental Death Coverage Work? Accidental Death Coverage covers deaths that occur due to accidents. Check the "Guide Benefits" on the Bazing website for information on how Accidental Death Coverage can be used if tickets have already been purchased.
How much does the cell phone insurance cover? It will cover $400 twice a year.
How do I set up direct deposit? Simply ask your employer to set it up for you! You’ll need your account number and Elevate Credit Union’s routing number: 324376818. Keep in mind that the name on the payment transferred must match the name on your account. Please contact us if you have further questions or need assistance.
Are there any exclusive benefits for 55+ members? Yes! 55+ members with a checking account are eligible to receive up to two free boxes of checks per year.
How can I get checks? When you open a checking account with a balance of $100 or greater, you will receive 12 free counter checks. Members 55+ can receive up to two free boxes of checks per year, one box at a time. You can buy additional checks by contacting us.
What should I do if my card is lost or stolen? You can turn off lost or stolen cards in our mobile app so no one can use them. If you find your card again, you can turn it back on to continue to use it. If you don't have the mobile app or know your card has been stolen, you can report it online or call 1-800-682-6075.    
How does Courtesy Pay work? If you overdraw on your checking, we may cover the amount charged anyway, saving you from the embarrassment and frustration of a declined card. A $25 fee is assessed for this service, but you may save money on bounced checks and merchant fees. If available funds are in the member’s savings account, the funds will be transferred to checking before Courtesy Pay occurs. Courtesy Pay is for accounts in good standing, has a maximum coverage of $600, and may not become effective for the first 90 days of a new account.
How does Overdraft Protection Work? Overdraft Protection is a line of credit that's linked directly to your account. If you overdraw on your checking, it steps up to cover the costs—so that you don't have to pay hefty insufficient funds fees. From there, it works like a simple loan from Elevate. Pay it off right away to avoid interest, or as you can for a low rate. To opt in to Overdraft Protection, contact us at any time.

Overdraft LOC

Overdraft Line of Credit is a service we offer to help members prevent declined payments. With an Overdraft Line of Credit, you get a line of credit attached to your checking account that covers payments that exceed your account balance. 

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