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Overdraft & Courtesy Pay

Pay confidently

With Overdraft Lines of Credit and Courtesy Pay, you know your payments won't get declined.

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    Why Elevate

    Avoid that "uh-oh" at checkout

    Overdraft Line of Credit and Courtesy Pay are services we offer to help members prevent declined payments. With an Overdraft Line of Credit, you get a line of credit attached to your checking account that covers payments that exceed your account balance. Courtesy Pay allows Elevate to pay checks, debits, ATM transactions, and ACHs that are drawn in excess of your checking account balance.

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    Direct Deposit Alerts make everyone happy
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    • Pay confidently
    • Avoid the hassle of declined payments
    • No fees for either service unless you use them

    Elevate Credit Union’s Overdraft Protection has saved me countless times when I haven't had enough in my checking account, plus it's helped build my credit!

    Melissa, Member since 2007

    Get some backup for your payments

    Courtesy Pay

    Opt-in to protect checks, debits, ATM transactions, and ACHs.

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    Overdraft Line of Credit

    Protect your checking payments with a line of credit.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • $600
    • Members must apply for an Overdraft Line of Credit and qualify on approved credit.
    • If you overdraw on your checking, we may cover the amount charged anyway, saving you from the embarrassment and frustration of a declined card. A $25 fee is assessed for this service, but you may save money on bounced checks and merchant fees. If there are available funds in the member’s savings account, the funds will be transferred to checking before Courtesy Pay occurs. Courtesy Pay is for accounts in good standing, has a maximum coverage amount of $600, and may not become effective for the first 90 days of a new account.
    • Overdraft Protection is a line of credit that's linked directly to your account. If you overdraw on your checking, it steps up to cover the costs—so that you don't have to pay hefty insufficient funds fees. From there, it works like a simple loan from Elevate. Pay it off right away to avoid interest, or as you can for a low rate. To opt in to Overdraft Protection, contact us at any time.
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. On Wednesday, June 19, 2024, Elevate will be closed for Juneteenth, AND our Garland ATM will be unavailable while we get our roof replaced.