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Activate My Card

Mobile deposit and online bill pay.

Manage your checking account through a variety of online tools. Snap a picture of a check to get it into your account and pay bills without ever licking another envelope.


Ready to use your card?

Activating your card takes just a few minutes. To activate your card and select your PIN, call:

(800) 290.7893

Closeup of Debit Card and white laptop keyboard

A powerful debit card.

A free debit card with remote card controls. We can print it for you instantly at any branch. Once you’ve got it, feel extra safe knowing you can review all your transactions, turn your card off and on, and set up custom alerts with online and mobile banking.


Rewards and discounts.

Advantage Checking comes with access to BaZing rewards. You’ll get special local and online deals, health savings, travel savings, and more.