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Grow Your Money

A secure way to grow your savings.
No TermStarter Certificate
A great option for beginners! Open with as little as $50 and a $25 monthly deposit. It matures when you reach $500. Start saving today!

 Best Rate 5.25 % APY*
6-36 MONTHSTraditional Certificate
Supercharge your savings with terms from 6 to 36 months. Start with only a $500 minimum to open your certificate today!

 Best Rate 5.25 % APY*
9 MONTHSGrowth Certificate
Add money to your certificate whenever you want. $500 minimum to start and a $25 monthly auto transfer is required.

 Best Rate 5.00 % APY*
9 MONTHSFluid Certificate
Growth meets flexibility. Add funds anytime, and enjoy the freedom of one withdrawal per month. $10,000 minimum balance. 

 Best Rate 5.00 % APY*

Elevate your earnings and make the most of your money with a certificate from Elevate. You can plan ahead with confidence because you'll know exactly how much money will be there for you when it's time to withdraw your funds. We have several options and terms to choose from. Our team of account specialists can help you choose the best certificate for your lifestyle and savings goals. Check out our rates and use our calculator below to figure out how much you can earn!

Certificate Rates
6-Month $500 5.15%
7-Month (FLUID)** $10,000 5.00%
9-Month (GROWTH CERTIFICATE)*** $500 5.00%
12-Month $500 5.25%
18-Month $500 4.50% w/ bump
24-Month $500 4.25%
30-Month $500 4.00%
36-Month $500 4.00%
Starter Certificate**** $50 5.25%


*TERMS & CONDITIONS: APY=annual percentage yield | Rates subject to change without notice | Rates listed as of January 18, 2024 | Certificate rates are subject to early closure penalties; please see us for details.

**For Fluid Certificates, you may make one monthly withdrawal as long as the minimum balance of $10,000 is maintained | You may also make additional deposits at any time.

***9-Month Growth Certificates must have auto-transfer set-up with at least $25 per month going into the certificate | You can make additional deposits as you want | If you withdraw funds before the maturity date, the certificate will be terminated, and an early withdrawal penalty will be assessed.

****For Starter Certificates, you may make additional deposits at any time | A minimum deposit of $25.00 per month | When your balance reaches $500.00, the funds in the account will be transferred to a 12-month certificate.

How Much Will You Save?

Future Savings:

Grow Your Money

How To Open A Certificate

You are ready to put your money to work for you and you want to open a Certificate. Now what? No worries, we make it easy. You can open a Certificate by choosing one of these three options:

*The option to apply online is only available if you currently are not a member of Elevate Credit Union.

stack of money being counted by man, with a leaf growing out the money
Savings Strategy

What Is Laddering?

Laddering is a savings strategy where you invest in several certificates with staggered maturities. This helps you to take advantage of higher rates, while also having the advantage of longer-term stability.
ladders leading up to a bullseye at the top
Elevate Certificates


If you don't see your question here, text us at (435) 734.3437.

What do I need to know about a Growth Certificate? To open a 9-month Growth Certificate, you must have $25 auto-transferred into your certificate each month. There is a $500 minimum balance to start. And you can deposit more money into your certificate whenever you want, however much you want during the month.
Can I add money to my certificate anytime? Yes, with a Fluid Certificate or a Growth Certificate, you can add money to your certificate during the month at any time.
How often can I withdraw from the 7-month Fluid Certificate? How often can I make deposits? You can withdraw monthly and make unlimited deposits.
What is the minimum to open a certificate? Most of our certificates can be opened for $500, except for a Starter Certificate, which costs just $50, and the 7-month Fluid Certificate, which costs $10,000.
Do any of the certificates bump rates? Yes, we have this feature on our 18-month certificate.
Are there any penalties for early withdrawal on certificates? Yes, If funds are withdrawn from the certificate before it reaches its term, some dividends will be forfeited. (6-12-month certificates lose 2 months of dividends, and 18-36-month certificates lose 6 months of dividends) 
What happens after my Starter Certificate reaches $500? It will be rolled over to a 12-month Certificate.
Do I need to make a deposit each month in my Starter Certificate? Yes, you need to commit to at least a $25 per month deposit.
How does a Fluid Certificate work? Fluid Certificates are for terms of 7 months and require a minimum opening deposit of $10,000. You can add money to the Fluid Certificate at any time. One withdrawal can be made each month without a penalty as long as the balance remains above $10,000.
What happens if I withdraw money from a Certificate before it matures? If you withdraw the money from a Certificate before it matures, you'll never lose the principal that you have invested. There might be dividend penalties for the early withdrawal. If you think you'll need to withdraw money from the Certificate, consider a Fluid Certificate. As long as your balance remains over $10,000, you can make one penalty-free withdrawal per month.

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Elevate has been fantastic in helping me with virtually all my money matters, from savings to loans and everything in between. Awesome, friendly staff!
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Working with Elevate Credit Union has been nothing short of amazing!
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Elevate Credit Union is by far the best financial institution I've worked with. Its hours and rates of service are better and more convenient than those of its competitors. Phillip and his team are always prompt to greet you and assist you with any needs or concerns you have.
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