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Direct Deposit

Your deposits are made for you

Automatically deposit things like paychecks, Social Security, and tax refunds.

Direct Deposit Form
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    Why Elevate

    An easier way to get paid

    Want your paycheck faster? Set up Direct Deposit to get your recurring deposits taken care of automatically. Your employer may have a Direct Deposit form, or you can use one provided by Elevate CU. The name on the deposit must match your name on the account. Your employer must have the capability to send an ACH.

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    • Automatic
    • Easy
    • Secure

    This is the best place. The direct deposit helps a lot and I can pretty much go to any ATM and never get a fee. Overall they are amazing!

    Matthew, Member since 1999

    You know where the money is going. Get it there easier and faster.

    Option 1: Employer Form

    Get a form from your employer.

    Option 2: Our Form

    Get a Direct Deposit form from us.

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    Not sure where to start?

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Simply ask your employer to set it up for you! You’ll need your account number and Elevate Credit Union’s routing number: 324376818. Keep in mind that the name on the payment transferred must match the name on your account. Please contact us if you have further questions or need assistance.
    • Before you get started, make sure you have signed up for Online Banking and downloaded the Mobile Banking app.
      1. Endorse your check like this: Line 1: “For mobile deposit to account # __________” Line 2: Your Signature
      2. Open the app and go to "Deposit"
      3. Lay the check on a flat, solid, dark surface in a well-lit area and snap a picture with your phone
      4. Follow the upload instructions
      5. Choose which account to deposit the check into
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      By selecting “I agree” you agree to not submit sensitive data through this form (ex. social security, license, account numbers, etc). If you have a question about your account, please call us or visit a branch.
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