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Your loans adapt to your life

Because life isn't as regular as your monthly payments.

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    Why Elevate

    Flexible payment structures

    We know that life isn’t as regular as your loan payments, so we give you the tools to bend your loan payments around your life. For a $25 fee, you can skip a loan payment on loans that are in good standing, up to twice a year. Don’t break the budget in months where you’re a bit short.

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    • Loan payments can be skipped twice in a year
    • $25 to defer a payment
    • Available on most auto and personal loans

    Things were tight, but I was able to do a Skip-a-Pay on my loan. They were very helpful and very willing to help me out when times were tough. I love Elevate Credit Union!

    Laura, Member since 1996

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Applying is quick and easy:
      • Begin your online application.
      • Enter YOUR name and email address in the “Initiator” section. If you have any other borrowers or guarantors on your loan, enter each of their names and emails in the “Subsequent Signer” section.
      • Click “Begin Signing” in the lower right corner. If you agree, click the box next to the yellow arrow that says, “I agree to use Electronic Records and Signatures.” Then click “CONTINUE" to keep filling out your application.
      • On the “Borrower Signature” line, click “SIGN.” Click “ADOPT AND SIGN.” Then click “FINISH” in the lower right corner.
      • If there are other people on the loan, the form will be forwarded to them.
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. On Wednesday, June 19, 2024, Elevate will be closed for Juneteenth, AND our Garland ATM will be unavailable while we get our roof replaced.