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Lost or Stolen Card

Don't panic. Here is what you need to do.
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What To Do

After Business Hours

  • Go into your online or mobile banking
  • Find "Remote Control Cards"
  • Mark "Disable, Lost" or "Stolen"
  • Also, call (888) 297.3416 and report your card lost or stolen


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What To Do

During Business Hours

  • Call Elevate Immediately at (435) 723.3437
  • Or, stop into a branch
  • You can also do the steps to the right. They are helpful for during and after business hours.


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What To Do

After Reporting Lost/Stolen Card

  • Get a new card
    • Stop in a branch to pickup a new card
    • Or, call and order a new card that can be mailed to you
  • Watch your account closely for any fraudulent charges
  • Let Elevate know immediately if you notice any suspicious activity on your account


Are You Prepared?

Elevate Services You Should Have

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Preventing Fraud

We are always on the lookout for suspicious activities. Your Elevate account is continuously reviewed by professional fraud monitoring services. There are also ways you can help prevent fraud from ever happening.

Stay educated – Stay up to date the latest scams and schemes that can separate you from your money. Practice good security habits when it comes to creating passwords, sharing information, and more. NCUA’s Fraud Prevention Center is a great place to start learning.

Stay aware – Set up custom Alerts and Notifications for your accounts and cards, which can notify you about low balances, out-of-town purchases, and more.