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Fraud Center Alert Scam

Fraud Center Alert Scam

Elevate Credit Union has seen an increase in scams that mimic messages from our Fraud Center in the form of texts or emails! One scam involves receiving a text or email telling you that there has been fraud on your account. It seems legit, but it is not! It asks you to click on a link or call a number where it will ask you to give more information. If you get a text or email and it’s asking you for sensitive, private information, STOP!

Don’t fall for it! Here are three ways to spot a scam or know if it is legitimately from Elevate Credit Union.

1. Does the text or email contain the last 4 digits of your card or account number?

If the answer is no, then it is not from Elevate Credit Union. Elevate Credit Union alerts will include that information so you know it is about your account.

2. Is there a link you can click on that takes you to a different screen?

If there is, DON’T CLICK ON IT! Elevate Credit Union does not give you a link to follow.

3. Is the text or email asking you for more personal information?

If so, DO NOT give out your information. Elevate Credit Union asks only for you to text back ‘V’ to verify it’s a valid transaction or ‘F’ if you feel it’s fraud. That’s it. We will not ask you for other information.

If you aren’t 100%, then call us. (435) 723.3437. If you have Online/Mobile Banking with us, you can go into your account and in the menu, click “Remote Control Cards.” In there, you can disable your card so no transactions can happen on it while you verify what is going on. This is great for weekends, after-hours, or holidays!

Please be so cautious!

Above all, please do not share your private information!

Additionally, please ensure you are signed up for Online and Mobile Banking. Download our Mobile App if you haven’t already. Call us if you need help. If you come into one of our branches, we are happy to show you the ropes on how to use your Online and Mobile Banking.

Together, we can stop fraud and scammers in their tracks! To find more fraud tips, check out our MoneySmart Tips Blog.