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Your RV and ATV Buying Guide

Your RV and ATV buying guide

Ready to hit the road in style? Whether you’re looking to buy an RV or an ATV this summer, we’ve got you covered!  This is your RV and ATV buying Guide. 

Determine your RV class 

When choosing an RV, you’ll need to decide between the three RV classes: 

  • Class A RVs are the largest and most comfortable, like a house on wheels. Put your feet up on the luxury couch, take a trip with a group of 10 and whip up gourmet cuisine in the full-size kitchen. Price tags range from $60K to over a million.
  • Class B motorhomes are more modest. You’ll still have the kitchen and bathroom, but think postage-stamp-size instead of full-sized. At most, you can sleep three people in a Class B RV. Expect to pay $50,000 to $100,000.
  • Class C RVs aim for that sweet spot between the luxurious Class A and the no-frills Class B motorhomes. Amenities are more enhanced than Class B, but nowhere near as robust as in Class A. Prices range from $60,000 to $200,000.

a few new shiny ATVs getting ready to head out for a fun day

Determine your ATV type

If you’re looking to purchase an ATV, you’ll first need to choose between two main categories: utility and sport. Utility ATVs are made to work, have larger tires, are generally easier to ride, and have fewer bells and whistles than sport ATVs. On the other hand, sport ATVs are built with recreation in mind. As a result, prices for each can run from just a few thousand dollars to $65,000 for a fully-loaded vehicle.

When choosing an ATV, it’s also essential to consider weight, power, durability, and speed.

Choose between new and used vehicles

New RVs will cost a pretty penny, but several distinct benefits to going this route. For example, you’ll likely have an easier time securing financing for a new RV, the option of buying an extended warranty for your vehicle, and a broader range of options to choose from as well. 

Purchasing a used RV can save you thousands of dollars, but you may have a more challenging time with financing; you will have to pay a higher interest rate on the loan and have limited options to choose from. 

Similarly, purchasing a used ATV can potentially save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars but will leave you with more limited options and more hurdles to jump through before you can qualify for a loan.

Secure financing

If you’re looking for a loan to help cover the cost of your dream vehicle, look no further than Elevate Credit Union! Your RV or loan comes with a favorable interest rate, easy eligibility requirements, and the excellent service you’ve come to expect from our team. So call, click or stop by Elevate Credit Union today to get started.