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Auto Protection Add-Ons

Protect your investment

Extended warranties, GAP insurance, and payment protection help protect your investment in your vehicle.


Buying a car is an expensive investment

It’s even more expensive if something happens to your vehicle, and you’re stuck with the payments and the burden of an additional auto loan. With these auto protection add-ons, you get coverage for mechanical failures, stolen or totaled vehicles, and unexpected life events that make payments a burden.



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GAP Insurance


Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance covers a vehicle that is totaled, damaged beyond repair, or stolen and never recovered. It pays off the loan balance that your primary insurance does not cover. It can even pay your insurance deductible!


Do I need GAP?

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Extended Warranties


Every bump, odd sound, or weird engine purr can be a worrisome signal of mechanical problems. An Extended Warranty lets you drive a bit more confidently, knowing that you’re protected in the event of major mechanical expenses.

  • The confidence of knowing you’re covered
  • No deductible on covered parts and labor
  • 24/7 roadside service

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Payment Protection


A car payment is the last thing you or your family should deal with when unexpected, life-altering events hit. With payment protection, auto loan balances can be covered or canceled to minimize the burden.

  • Involuntary unemployment (Payments are covered for up to 6 months)
  • Disability, injury, or illness that prevents you from working (Payments are covered up to 12 months)
  • Loss of Life (Loan balance canceled up to an agreement maximum)

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