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Beware COVID Vaccine Scams

Beware COVID Vaccine Scams

Believe it or not, there is a light at the end of the socially distanced tunnel. After months of trials, the FDA has approved two vaccines for the coronavirus. But, you need to beware of COVID vaccine scams that are popping up along with the good news.

Don’t like getting needles stuck in your arm? No worries. You may not be getting that shot for a while. That’s due to a whole lot of rules and guidelines about who receives the vaccine first, and there’s nothing you can do to change that. The awful news, though, is that those low-down scammers want to make you think otherwise. Yes, they’re back, and this time, they’re using reports of the vaccines to get to you and your wallet.

Here’s what you need to know:

Long distribution process

The public is jumping for the vaccine — but the government is taking this whole process slowly. And there’s no way to pay under the table to cut to the head of the line. Expect a drawn-out distribution that may take months.

Don’t pay money for the promise of getting your vaccine sooner.

If someone asks you for money to get your vaccine sooner, run the other way. Yes, it’s a scam.

Only through verified sources

Mama taught you not to take candy from strangers, and you shouldn’t be taking shots from them either. Doctors will only distribute the COVID-19 vaccine — and we’re talking about the MD type. The vaccine is one item you can’t order on Amazon, even if you have Prime. Don’t get your vaccine through an internet retailer.

No cost

Are you covered? If so, you’ll get your shot at no charge. All insured Americans can expect to get their vaccine for free. Don’t pay for a COVID-19 vaccine.

No need to share information

You should keep private information that way. There’s no need to share your Social Security number or financial account details to get your shot. Don’t share personal info with an unknown contact.

FDA-approved only

So far, only vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna have been given the thumbs-up by the FDA. A vaccine approval is a big part of the news; if the FDA says yes to any more vaccines, expect to see it in the headlines.

Please don’t agree to receive a vaccine you haven’t heard of or read about it. Make sure you are informed and beware of these COVID vaccine scams. Make sure you do not let anyone talk you into spending your cash or tricking you into taking something that is not approved. Be careful. Stay safe. If you like this post, check out our other posts on our MoneySmart Tips Blog.